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Spot of the Day Part 6


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Last Sunday, there was a car show/street party in Nelson in aid of the local rescue helicopter service. I was a bit late getting there & the odd one was beginning to depart, plus I got chatting to a couple of bods I know, including an ex boss with the lovely MG TA & ended up forgetting what I'd taken, but did get these, a fairly eclectic mix, it is amazing what lurks in garages around here. I'm picking the Cord & possibly several others were from the local Classic Car Museum, must get in there soon & have a shufti.
















I'm told, though I don't remember, ;) that I came home from the Hospital after I was born in a Vanguard like the one above, it had been moved on by the time I could remember such things. 


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5 hours ago, desert falcon said:

I can ask for the price, I‘ll deliver it to you then 


Oh, I wish (but I'd rather have the orange one! 🤣)


Ramps would be a bit steep to get the rally Mini in the back though! :rofl2:




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4 hours ago, stevehnz said:

They're just a bit gorgeous aren't they. :)


There's something about them.  Something "other worldly".  They looked so far ahead of their time.


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Yup, it's a Ford Model 48, circa 1935 vintage.  It superceded the Model 40 and ran from '35 to '41, I think.  The precise year of this one is 1936 but it's often hard to pin down as they had a cosmetic refresh most years which changed the grille style fairly drastically each time.

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Sadly I didn't get a decent shot of it as it was coming the other way along the A414, but a lovely red Aston Martin V8 Vantage, number plate starting BAV and ending in T so I'm pretty sure it was the one from Johnny English 3 and which is/was (?) owned by Rowan Atkinson.


Of course there could be another one out there with similar plates and I saw another, but even if it wasn't this particular car it was still something which stood out despite a 140mph closing speed.


As I have nothing but a few red pixels, here's  a page of better shots.




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