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Spot of the Day Part 6


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All the fun of the fair today.

This was the only oldie, and only one lettered. 


1992 Volvo FL6

An appropriately registered 2000 ERF generator truck





2005 Volvo FM12 generator truck




2007 Volvo 480, note thd ghost of its former owners lettering.





2005 Volvo


2003 Volvo TH500

And finally a pair of 2004 Fodens






Sadly gone are the days of old Scammels and the like, but I thought these might still be of interest.













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On 5/1/2023 at 9:07 PM, Spiny said:


Could still be a '67 as often the model years in the USA come out a few months before the new year - I remember being surprised in August 1996 seeing adverts for the 1997 models. That said, it must have been cutting it fine to get on a D-plate if that is the case.


@Windy37 - is Truckfest earlier this year? I don't usually make the trip home this bank holiday but I'm sure I've seen a load of old and custom trucks around on other bank holiday journeys (and now I've said that I've just gone blank on whether that would be end of May or end August bank holiday when I've seen them)

@Spiny there is other Truckfests around the country throughout the year. Truckfest at Peterborough is usually this weekend. I suspect there will be trucks on the A1 still leaving the showground as the grass parking was very wet and boggy in places so there will be lots getting towed out !

Gary .

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Ignore above post , don't know how to delete it !! 

I've been to The Motorist near Selby this morning and the highlights for me were these 

20230507_113134 20230507_110927 20230507_115515

And a very genuine Nova Sport . If you know you know  ....

20230507_105704 20230507_115515

Sorry for the messy post - sausage fingers I think !



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1 hour ago, Spiny said:

Loving the Nissan 300C - you don't see many of those around nowadays. Mind you, I wouldn't mind the RS200 either for that matter.

The RS200 didn't get the hatches opened up but they are so well engineered they would have been a dominant car if Group B hadn't been scrapped I reckon . 

Gary . 

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Back at Jakarta yesterday, my plan was to attend creator/artist/Japanese modern culture event in BSD (some 20km away from Jakarta) but got sidetracked by morning spotting in Jakarta




Series I X150-generation Jaguar XK. Unmodified and looking well-maintained, the X150 XK was quite a rare view in Indonesia. I've only seen the Series III XKR-S twice here.




A gorgeous 1973 Porsche 911 S in Royal Purple. This was one of several 'skittles' colour available for 911s on that day, alongside Viper Green, Signal Yellow and Tangerine, among others. It's a beautiful shade, and recently has its 'successor' in the form of PTS Ultraviolet, one of two hero colours of 991.1 GT3 RS back in 2015.




430 Scuderia. Yes this was deliberate, I deliberately took the photo of it passing next to my friend's Toyota for the memes.




This is one of my holy grail. The Series III Lotus Exige. Specifically, an Exige Cup 430. Though this Final Edition was not quite on my spec (I'd have mine in Pearl Yellow or Isotope Green instead of Elise Grey), the rest is pretty much spot-on. Lotus had a torrid history here in Indonesia, since when they were officially here alongside Lamborghini, they don't sell that many cars (4 Evoras, 3 Exige Series II, 1 Elise SC Series II and 1 Elise S Series III), only for everyone to find out that the dealer's principal has been swindling customers' money. So this Series III Exige was not a local market car.




More holy grail, in the form of the only one Porsche 911 R in Indonesia. The concept of a GT3/GT3 RS powertrain in the chassis of a GT3 without rear wing always made my mouth water. Can't stomach the price, though.




Yes. Even more bucket list, in the form of 911 Speedster. This 991.2 Speedster is fitted with BBS RE magnesium sets just like Weissach Package-equipped 991.2 GT2 RS. It's perfect.




The brand new Ferrari 296 GTB. I was once had a dream of picking up one of these with my dad in full Tailor Made spec during Christmas. Unfortunately I woke up, but the dream remains.




Now this is unusual. A Lamborghini Espada. I have seen this one before but not on the road. It's a weird kind of thing because these days you would not expect Lamborghini to make elegant 4-seater grand tourer with decently-sized boot. Instead what we got now is Urus. But back then old man Ferruccio himself would prefer this kind of car to be his mainstay instead of mid-engined supercars. Story being that Marcello Gandini designed a 4-seater GT with gullwing but Ferruccio rejects the gullwing door proposal. So instead the Espada ended up with normal doors. This is a 1974 Series III car, well-maintained and often used by the owner. He brought along his wife and his grandson that day, so it is a proper family car.


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The story of the Espada is true in essence - the four seater GT with gullwing doors got as far as a concept car, the Marzal.  Utterly beautiful car with gullwings that were almost all glass, which unfortunately led to it's downfall as the cost of production of al that specialist glass made the project prohibitively expensive.  I believe that at the time there was only one glass manufacturer in Europe that could tackle the job.  I'm lucky enough to have a 1:20 scale Bandai kit of the Marzal in my stash which took a lot of finding (and a lot of beer-tokens!), finally importing it from the Canary Islands.  Stunning car, I'll be building it sometime later this year.

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1 hour ago, Spiny said:

Not really that bothered by the newer stuff, but I do love an Espada. And that colour makes this probably the best looking one I've seen.


Same here.  All that new stuff...meh.

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