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M4A1 (76) Sherman 'In the mood"

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I'm really an aircraft guy, who dabbles in armor occasionally, so please don't be too harsh!

This is Dragon's M4A1 (76) Sherman commanded by S/Sgt Lafayette Pool, who is widely recognized as the US tank ace of aces, credited with 12 confirmed tank kills and 258 total armored vehicle and self-propelled gun kills, over 1,000 German soldiers killed and 250 more taken as prisoners of war, accomplished in only 81 days of action from June 27 to September 19, 1944, using three different Shermans.

Built more or less 'out of box' and painted with Tamiya acrylics.

















Thanks for looking,



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Very nice, dont know why but I rather like the M4A1 76 and you've done a super job of it.

Great paint job, nice work with the details (.50cal, tow cable, tracks, etc)  and sympathetic weathering, no lumps of "mud" splattered everywhere. :like:


Great modelling and welcome to the world of armour!


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