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'V' engine GB for 2024


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Who's up for a GB dedicated to anything with a 'V' configuration engine? Think about all the cool machines that have been powered by or equipped with such units, from V-twin Ducati and Harley Davidson motorbikes, V-four race and road bikes, VR 6 Volkswagens, V-eight and twelve cars, the many power boats, Rolls Royce and Daimler Benz aero engines to name but a few, the list is a long one and inclusive of many modelling genres.


1, Col.

2, @vppelt68

3, @Marklo

4, @TimJ

5, @Redstaff

6, @CliffB

7, @theplasticsurgeon

8, @Corsairfoxfouruncle

9, @stevehnz

10, @Wez

11, @Adrian Hills

12, @desert falcon

13, @81-er

14, @Toryu

15, @helios16v

16, @TonyOD

17, @Wings unlevel




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1 minute ago, vppelt68 said:

"V" for V-P asking to be added to the list, please. A great idea again, Col.. V-P

I best start that list then V-P :D 

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24 minutes ago, Marklo said:

Well both the RE8 and the BE2/12( I have one I the stash) had V engines so count me in.


Both the Merlin and the DB600s were inverted V’s so I’m assuming they count.

Your RE8 and Be2/12 are great choices :thumbsup:


Inverted V certainly count as well.


16 minutes ago, TimJ said:

I've got more V8s in the stash than you can shake a stick at so you can count me in. 

The V8 seems to be almost ubiquitous across American cars Tim and it seems as if you've plenty choice within your stash :) 

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44 minutes ago, Redstaff said:

Go on then @Col., you know I've got a load of F1 cars with V configured engines in the back waiting patiently to be built,  :) 



Excellent :D There hasn't been many chances for F1 cars to get some attention in the GB section apart from the current PRRRBSS MegaGB so it'd be great to get another up and running. V engines have always seemed synonymous with F1 as I can't think of any examples that used another configuration.


42 minutes ago, Marklo said:

Which also means the Cromwell  tank (meteor, a down rated Merlin) and M4A3(Ford V8) versions of the Sherman tank would qualify.

They certainly could :speak_cool:

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7 minutes ago, helios16v said:

You shooting for 2023 or 2024?  Inquiring minds want to know.....not that it matters to me.  It's not like I'll run out of relevant inventory anytime soon.  :rofl2:

Thinking most likely 2024 unless there's a mad rush of interested parties in the intervening month but I'm simply a passenger of circumstance on this journey :lol:

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2 hours ago, CliffB said:

Yes please Col., probably with a GT racer of some description...



Always good to see something less common being considered Cliff :) 


22 minutes ago, theplasticsurgeon said:

A few V engined suspects in my stash, so add me to the list please.

Not committing to any specifics yet, but here are some examples, not vouched for other GBs.








Nice selection of options there Tim and some uncommon ones amongst them :) 

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8 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Well I have tons of options in the stash so add me. Maybe I’ll break the mold of aircraft and do a PT Boat. That had three V-12’s. 

Three V-twelves? Those things must have sounded amazing!

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20 hours ago, stevehnz said:

I reckon you might be able to rope me into this one Col, Various Vs is somethings I have aplenty. :)



19 hours ago, Wez said:

Add me to the list please, I know I have plenty of suitable subjects in the stash


Excellent :D We are now into double figures gents and as always 'V'ariety is the spice of life ;) 

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20 hours ago, Adrian Hills said:

I might be interested in this one. I have a Blackburn B20 flying boat kit to build. It was fitted with a pair of Rolls Royce Vultures - that's Four 'Vs' 🙂

Cool subject Adrian :thumbsup:

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  • Col. changed the title to 'V' engine GB for 2024

Now that the dust is settling on the Bumfight and @Enzo the Magnificent has pinned up the 2024 voting thread I feel it's time to get this proposal pushed forward. An opportunity to build a wide range of machines that share nothing more than a great engine configuration.

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On 11/16/2022 at 4:59 PM, desert falcon said:

Yes please Col., I had a couple of V6 engined cars myself and currently have a Ducati in the garage, so I could maybe do a VW Golf R32 or a Ducati of a kind? 

I like the sound of both your garage and your model options :speak_cool:

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