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1/48 Me 163 B-1a, Royal Air Force, GasPatch models


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Good day, ladies & gentlemen.
Some facts:
- This plane couldn't be in the air for more than 12 minutes due to limited fuel reserves. For the same reason, the Me-163s were flying directly in the routes of bombers (there were no other options to fly anywhere and behind anyone on their own).
- The main requirement for the machine was a quick climb.
- The aircraft made only a few sorties; While 11 aircraft were shot down, they were able to destroy only 9 American B-29s.
- Due to the low amount of fuel, the aircraft could not re-approach the target.
- Me-163 had a liquid propellant rocket engine, which was supplied with 80 percent hydrogen peroxide and a liquid catalyst. Accordingly - the letters "T" and "C" on the fuselage: Oxidizer, "composition T" - 80% hydrogen peroxide, is a transparent liquid without color and odor. Slightly toxic - when vapors entered the cockpit, it caused lacrimation in pilots. Causes burns on contact with skin and explodes with some organic compounds. The main danger of composition T is that it is not stable - in the presence of catalysts (for example, iron oxides) it rapidly decomposes, sometimes in the form of an explosion. It dissolves well in water. On Me-163 it served as an oxidizer to produce steam and gas for the rotation of the turbine and pumps.
  Fuel, "composition C" was a mixture of 30% hydrazine hydrate + 57-58% methanol, the rest is water. Colorless, oily liquid, with an ammonia-like odor. It's toxic, causes burns on contact with the skin, and explodes in the presence of iron oxides. Together with composition T, it forms a self-igniting fuel.
In the combustion chamber, hydrogen peroxide decomposes with the formation of a large volume of superheated gas-vapor mixture, creating powerful jet thrust.
- After takeoff, the plane dropped the landing gear and landed on a retractable ski. At the same time, it often turned over.
- 3 groups were armed with such aircraft, however, due to lack of fuel, only one group was able to take part in hostilities.

Me 163_01


Me 163_02


Me 163_03


Me 163_04


Me 163_05


Me 163_06


Me 163_07


Me 163_08


Me 163_09


Me 163_10


Me 163_11


Me 163_12


Me 163_13


Me 163_14


Me 163_15


Me 163_16



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Great model, well done!


Your data about the Komet is interesting. There is one aspect of the aircraft, which does not get mentioned very often. The oxidant and fuel combination results in an exhaust of mainly nitrogen and water vapour, so the Komet was the first operational zero emission at point of use fighter!


I am sure the manufacturing of the fuel was a bit more carbon intensive though.



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