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Revellogram 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Bass Pro Shops Monte Carlo

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Dale Earnhardt, seven times Winston Cup champion, was best known for his uncompromising driving style and black Goodwrench sponsored cars but for the 1998 The Winston all star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway his car more a special one off livery of gold and black with additional sponsorship from Bass Pro Shops, a retailer of fishing, hunting and camping equipment. Unfortunately his race only lasted nine laps as, along with John Andretti he crashed out after skidding on some fluid dropped by the car of Darrell Waltrip. 


52389999057_afd143ba04_c.jpgP1050844 by timothy jones, on Flickr


I'm hoping that the decals will be OK but there were two sheets in the box so at least I have some spares if I need them. 


52390663062_c36408be75_c.jpgP1050853 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52391898604_d55561187f_c.jpgP1050854 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52391586416_3f2792363d_c.jpgP1050855 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52391587241_9a440c8688_c.jpgP1050856 by timothy jones, on Flickr


I don't have many kits with certificates of authenticity, but this is one of them..


52391900979_c0ea400dae_c.jpgP1050852 by timothy jones, on Flickr


I should be hitting the track soon. Boogity Boogity Boogity. 😀


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Very nice. 


I imagine manufacturers could only dream of a full production run of 19,500 kits nowadays, let alone that as a limited edition!

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I've also got one on the shelf of shame, a Richard Petty Pontiac Grand Prix which might make an appearance in this year's KUTA.



DSCF9581 by timothy jones, on Flickr


Back to the Chevy and work has commenced on the engine. I did think that I'd lost the sump and inlet manifold but they turned up a couple of days ago.



P1050913 by timothy jones, on Flickr


The lower front panel has been fitted to the body and blended in with some filler.



P1050914 by timothy jones, on Flickr


More soon. 

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There hasn't been much progress since the last update but I've got the body primered.


52487743505_c79c8d6de0_c.jpgP1050988 by timothy jones, on Flickr


After wet sanding the primer the inside of the body got a couple of coats of Rover Vermillion from a Halfords rattlecan to replicate the colour of the interior of Dale's car.


52487275896_e0a84676a1_c.jpgP1050989 by timothy jones, on Flickr


At this point I thought I'd try the decals, so I painted the bonnet/hood and tried the Bass Pro Shops logo, which broke up into several pieces. 😒 As I had a spare set in the kit I coated the other sheet with some liquid decal film and, after giving it time to dry, I tried again. This time it sat in the water for half an hour before it decidedto come off the paper.... in several pieces. 🙄 So now I've got an aftermarket set on the way from Mike's Decals in the US. 

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