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Project Mohawk: a Far Model


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The Mohawk is not a glamorous aircraft by any stretch of the imagination. I got it as a starting point for a German WW2 asymmetrical fighter similar to the BV-141. And soon after I got the Mohawk kit, guess what Hobbyboss release… So, the Mohawk was a “Stash Queen” for a few years. After the huge Scooter diorama, I told myself the next project will be simpler. Project Mohawk like all my builds will be a “What-if”. Not sure what nationality it’s going to be, but it will be a target decoy launch aircraft. The only major changes I’m going to do to the airframe is new props and spinner, which are done. I have a ton of resin aftermarket for this project. Such as ejection seats, exhaust, pylons, wheels, cowling correction, various scoops and vents. Along with the decoys are mastered, molded and I’ve pressure cast a few resin copies. 


Purchased parts

Roden 1/48 scale OV-1D Mohawk 

Quickboost resin ejection seats, nacelles, exhaust, pylons, air intakes and scoops 

Aires wheel set

Scale Aircraft Conversation landing gear set

Eduard photo etched interior set and die cut mask set 

Caracal OV-1 Mohawk decals for general airframe markings 

AMMO by MiG fine .3mm rigging wire antenna  

Raised detail on drop tanks are Archer Fine Transfer


Custom homemade parts 

Vacuum formed wind screen 

Resin spinners and props 

Raked wingtips from styrene

Resin targeting pod in nose

Resin nose cone

Radar warning receivers on nose and outer tails from disk of styrene and head of sewing pin

Wire antenna fairing on upper fuselage made from aluminum tube 

Hoop antenna on middle tail and grab handle shape antenna on belly, both made from brass rod

Master part of decoys body from extra sideways looking radar from kit

Wings and fins of decoys from AFV Club weapon set 

Pitot tube in nose of decoys is steel pin 

Custom Royal Australian Air Force decals (roundels, flag on tail, Koala squadron markings, along with aircraft number) and “Shark mouth” on decoys


Paint job

Preshaded with “Almost Black” (dark mix of Gunship gray and flat black) and rust

Walkways, leading edge wings and horizontal stabilizer are painted

Testors Model Master enamel paints

Gloss coat for decals Future

Alclad II Matt coat

Stains and streaks done with oil paints











Thanks for Looking!

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Thanks guys for all the wonderful comments. I really appreciate it 👍


1 hour ago, Spitfire31 said:

Very impressive. That last photo is really powerful, with a 'being there' quality.


Kind regards,




That just happens to be my favorite shot.


Thanks again everybody,


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On 9/30/2022 at 4:19 AM, kapam said:

Wow!  That is awesome!

I feel so convinced that the type is actually in service here in Oz!

Incredibly good details and finish, beautifully photographed too.



It's comments like this one that mean the most to me. Thanks again everyone for your kind words. Much appreciated.




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On 9/27/2022 at 10:26 AM, far148 said:

The Mohawk is not a glamorous aircraft by any stretch of the imagination.

I think its a great looking plane personally. Of course I believe in the adage the uglier it is the better it does its job. Now that being said yours is excellent and I had no idea the Australian's used these ? 

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