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Hi Pals,


Trying to resume the construction of kits, here I show a WIP, but almost finished, since it is the last model I was making, and from which I did not make a backup of the photos I was taking when my computer crashed, so I lost a multitude of photos WIP...notice to navigators...Make copies of your photos!...

This model is well known by many, it is quite simple, with some problems of origin, but that can be solved with some skill.

I had read about it before, and since I thought I could fix it, I also bought it at a discount time.

I remember that the structure of the hull, being asymmetrical and complex in shape, I had some problem fitting it into place, I think I had to "sculpt" some joint, although not what it was...sorry, in case it was useful. ..


Another well-known thing is the "union" of the tracks, which although they are easy to finish, they have not measured the length they should have well, and there is a space of approximately one link that must be filled...


I saw that other modelers cut a link in half, and it was just right... I tried to cut two, so that the loss of width would be less noticeable...

As an improvement I tried making the grip straps for the tools out of masking tape.


Another problem with the kit is that the decals, although beautiful, are extremely thick...and that even with the fixing liquids, it was impossible not to notice that they "protruded"...incredible for a brand like " TAKOM"... despite everything, several layers of product and varnish, did the job...

The stars and the yellow band, I did try with a mask and tape, to airbrush them, because the quality was just as bad, but the surface was not smooth as with the numerals... I think that after several tests they turned out well...


The idea was to make a used vehicle, but one that has not seen real combat, since the paint options offered by the kit are from training schools, except the Soviet one, but since I wanted an American vehicle that I have very few, hence the chose.

I added a fiber antenna and ready for the RTI photos...


There are some photos with his "little brother" an M3 Stuart, which he had already done before (and published in the forum in case someone is interested in seeing it, I add a link WIP and RTI), and that seemed appropriate, since they are from the same period and same user, for comparison...




Thanks for watching as always.
Cheers and TC































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  • FrancisGL changed the title to M3 LEE EARLY 1/35 TAKOM
17 hours ago, SimonL said:

They look great. The markings on the turret look just right to my eye. 


Hi Simon,

Many thanks for your kind wordsand like, i'm glad you like it.

I had to try several times, because the front part of the turret, being inclined backwards together with its roundness, made it very difficult to place the tape so that the line could be seen straight...apart from not over-spraying... .

Cheers and TC


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9 hours ago, edjbartos said:

That looks very good Francis, Very nicely painted. I like the different variations in the colour you have done on the body and I also like the dusting that you have done, particularly on the track pads, well done...




Hi Ed,

Many thanks for your kind words and like, I struggled a lot to get the color that I thought best suited the chosen model, although the photos had a lot of light (the lamp was very close I remember...), and the dust, I tried to keep it just like that, nothing too dirty...

Cheers and TC


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8 hours ago, Kingsman said:

Nicely scruffy.  But that's a Lee, BTW - not a Grant (although the US didn't use that name).

Hi Kigsman,

Many thanks for your comments and for the correction, I was hesitating between one name and another because I didn't have the box or the instructions at hand...and I was wrong...lol. Corrected.😅

Cheers and TC



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On 28/09/2022 at 22:03, Maddoxx77 said:

Great to hear from you again @FrancisGL

Those models are looking great! They show great skill. 

All those details are subtle yet they really make the look. 



Hi Maddoxx,

Many thanks for your kind words and like, i'm glad you like it.

You are very kind, although normally I don't feel like making parts of my finished models anymore, because I think I have progressed since I took up the hobby again, I still don't think I have enough skill when I see the work of other modellers..."Practice makes perfect "...or so they say...lol

Cheers and TC


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