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Airfix and Revell Mayflower


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Hi all going through my stash I've discovered I have these two kits of the same subject so I thought I would build them both at the same time so we can all see the differences between them.


First thing you can see is the colours are different on both of them.


I have no idea which is right  (if either) but I don't really care I will paint them both as per instructions.

The dark brown is the revell kit


The whiter coloured sails are the revell ones.

At first glance the revell kit is the better detailed of them.


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OK so far the Revell kit is far and away the better fitting kit, the Airfix kit is lucky it's not taken an unscheduled flight across the room.

Airfix kit.


Revell kit.


So far Revell is wining.

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Watching with interest!

Nearly picked up the Revell Mayflower kit when it was on offer in Aldi (Or Lidl) last year but got the Victory kit instead.


will get hold of it one day, so good to see the Revell kit seems good so far.

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This is really interesting, a side by side build. I'm currently mullering the Revell version over in the Classic Revell GB

You're already far ahead of me in progress and quality, so I'l be studying hard to fill in the gaps in the instr🤪uctions


Intrigued at how different the painting instructions are- I"m going with a 'simplified' Revell on the basis that nobody knows what the original looked like and most probably it was a slightly tatty cargo ship with a captain/ owner willing to engage in a bit of borderline legality. A sort of Millennium Falcon look I guess!

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