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Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-17 Fresco, Egyptian Air Force October War/Yom Kippur War 1973

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This is my latest completion, the Trumpeter MiG-17F in 1/32 scale. The model represents an Egyptian Air Force aircraft No.2115 from the October War/Yom Kippur War in 1973:






















I did build the kit OOB as far as possible, but the bomb-racks really did need to be added and one damn thing led to another and in the end I probably spent triple the cost of the kit - which, in fairness, I got delivered for a shade over £20 - but i regret nothing :D 



Changes or additions I made:


  • Replaced the kit's pilot figure with a PJ Productions NATO pilot 1960's
  • Light on intake splitter filled and painted over, landing light relocated to lower port wing
  • Nose-mounted pitot, ventral fin and tailfin flare dispenser from ProModeller set
  • Afterburner nozzle from Eduard set (not sure it should poke out that much, but it didn't want to go any further and as I'd spent a fairly traumatic half-hour trying to bend it into shape did not push the point, for fear of it collapsing on itself)
  • Wheels from the Armory set
  • Gun barrels and pitot tubes from the Master set
  • Bombs from Trumpeter Russian weapons set, bomb racks made from laminated and shaped plastic card, sway braces from spares box
  • Drop tanks moved inboard (a considerable amount)
  • There may have been more, it's just a hazy memory now... 


The model is wearing (an approximation of) the Nile Valley camouflage scheme – I say an approximation as the colour bands on the original uppersurface generally seem to sweep more smoothly than mine which meander a little too much but I'm still happy with how it turned out. The colours used were Colourcoats ACRA01 - Giallo Mimetico 1, an unlabelled grey-green similar to RAF Interior Grey-green, ACRA09 - Verde Oliva Scuro 2 and an unlabelled tin of pale blue grey for the undersides. Were these the correct colours to use? Almost certainly not :D The pattern was painted freehand with my Badger Renegade.


The Egyptian Airforce roundels and fin-stripes as well as the Arabic numbers on the nose were painted with masks done on a Silhouette Cutter by @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies with the 'Saladin Eagles' on the tail marking provided as a decal – both worked much better than I had dared hope... thanks very much for doing that for me mate B) 


Ed Okun's build from 2014 provided a lot of useful pictures and information including a photo of 2115 which appears not to be carrying the outboard racks for the Sakr air-to-ground rockets and thereby gave me the excuse not to have to try making and fitting them which would have probably been enough to put me off completely :D 


Cheers, Stew

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