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Piper L-4s and More Twin Otters!


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We now have two new decal sheets at the printer. One is a 1/48 scale sheet for the Piper L-4 “Grasshopper”. This is perfect for the new Special Hobby L-4 kit, and is what we used to test-fit the decals. There are some very interesting aircraft here. 54-J was involved in a dogfight with a Fi 156 Storch which the crew shot down with handguns. There is sand & OD aircraft from Camp Clipper, a desert training facility in California. And there’s “Humphrie’s FLYING WEASEL” in its overall aluminum finish and bomber group markings. Add to those some Free French Grasshoppers and a US Navy machine.


The other is a 1/72 sheet of “More Twin Otters”. Our first Twin Otter sheet was very popular and in fact we reprinted it, with the addition of an additional scheme. This “More Twin Otters” sheet has some really colourful aircraft. There’s an overall white Twotter in UN markings and a US Army Parachute Team aircraft in a special D-Day scheme. There’s an Ethiopian Army and a Panamanian Navy aircraft, and a rare Chilean SAR Twin Otter that operated out of Easter Island. We’ve included one with floats this time… a Peruvian Air Force machine in red and white with black & white TANS markings. We’ll let you know as soon as the sheets are available for purchase.

new L-4.jpg

new More Twotters.jpg

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