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Herding Cats

Old Viper Tester

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In preparation for sending F-14 squadrons VF-21 and VF-154, Tomcat airframes were being selected that wouldn't need depot maintenance in the short term. The candidates were collected at Naval Air Station Miramar in August 1991 for inspection. This procedure took place next to the flight line spaces for the resident F-14 squadrons so it made for a pretty good sized gaggle of Cats...


F-14A, Bureau Number 159844, VF-51

159844 vf-51 NL102 KNKX 19910817 07cr


159844 vf-51 NL102 KNKX 19910817 08cr


F-14A 159850, VF-1

159850 vf-1 NE110 KNKX 19910817 13cr


F-14A 160667, VF-154

160667 vf-154 NF111 KNKX 19910817 23cr


F-14A 160680, VF-21

160680 vf-21 NF210 KNKX 19910817 28cr


F-14A 160892, VF-51

160892 vf-51 NL110 KNKX 19910817 20cr


F-14A 160930 wearing the markings of the previous owner, VF-154. Ten days prior she was officially transferred to VF-111.

160930 vf-154 NK117 KNKX 19910817 12cr


F-14A 161603, VF-2

161603 vf-2 NE213 KNKX 19910817 28cr


F-14A 161606, VF-21

161606 vf-21 NF201 KNKX 19910817 17cr


F-14A 161617, VF-111

161617 vf-111 NL211 KNKX 19910817 02cr


F-14A 162594, VF-111

162594 vf-111 NL200 KNKX 19910817 34cr


162594 vf-111 NL200 KNKX 19910817 07cr


F-14A 162602, VF-51

F-14A vf-51 NL101 KNKX 19910817 23cr


F-14D 163418, VF-124

163418 vf-124 NJ430 KNKX 19910817 30cr


F-14D 163893, VF-124

163893 vf-124 NJ431 KNKX 19910817 07cr


F-14D 163896, VF-124

163896 vf-124 NJ434 KNKX 19910817 35cr


F-14D 163897, VF-124

163897 vf-124 NJ435 KNKX 19910817 23cr


F-14D 164340 - previously of VF-124, awaiting VF-111 markings

164340 200 KNKX 19910817 18cr


F-14D 164341, VF-124

164341 101 KNKX 19910817 12cr


Thanks for looking,


Old Viper Tester

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Really nice line up of Tomcats. I like my US Navy aircraft in the old Light Gull Grey/White schemes, but these pictures show that Tomcats look good in all grey too!


The VF-111 shots actually look as if they may have been in the older scheme?





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