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T-26 1/72 Finnish Army Mirage Hobby

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Hello friends! It's quite weird for me uploading a topic in the section of the AFV's, as even after 30 years of modelling I have very little idea of vehicle modelling... Some time ago I bought 4 small kits of 72's models of 2 trucks and 2 tanks. This topic has to do about one of there, which is the T-26 of Mirage Hobby:



It was a special choice as I am really interested in Finnish subjects of WWII and of course, especially for planes of this Air Force. I thought it would be something easy and more like a weekend project. Kit is generally nice by its first look, with quite good detail and the fitting is OK. I was not intended to search a lot, as I also have very little knowledge on tanks, but mostly to do a nce OOB built and that's all. But... Mirage Hobby had another opinion haha. I started searching some few things regarding the correctness of the model and first mistake I noticed is the barrel gun provided by the company:



I am really confused about how Mirage chose to provide a 35mm gun instead of the proper 45mm one, even if they refer to it on the title of the model "Light tank with 45mm gun M38"... Nice puzzle! So first of all is to try and find another gun or make one by myself with plastic rods (hopefully)...

Moving further on to check other details and their connection to reality, I found out that the bolts on the lower part of the tank and specifically on both sides behind the ground wheels (compared to many photos of several T-26's) are somehow... fictional:



Now the question is, should I remove them? I suppose answer is clearly yes.


Moving on, there are some more points that need slight modification to meet the real thing, and these are the small view hatches on the turret and the lower part, which is nothing more than linear holes that can be done with a hand drill. The turret needs some more detail as the addition of two vertical metal bars on the front part, the use of only one periscope on the top, instead of two that Mirage suggests and some bolts around the holes:



The most freaking-out mistake of the model is the incorrect size of the side panels on both sides of the driver's front hatch. The two pieces have a completely wrong angle to fit with the model and need to be cut out from the begging, possibly using plastic foil. Alongside, the driver's hatch doors themselves are complete inaccurate in size, thus leaving a big gap, if they are to be set closed... Nice try Mirage...



Last but not least. The tracks. Nice vinyl tracks, but after a dry fit they must be for another model:



Has anyone dealt with similar track misfit/oversizing? Should I cut them after gluing on the wheels?


And some questions that go to the specialists. I am intending to build (hopefully) a captured soviet T-26, used by the Finns during the Winter War. The camouflage will be the three-colour blueish gray/green/brown scheme, which is very extraordinary and nice on this kit. Can someone provide any photos of Finnish T-26's which such camo? And the question is, what is the exact model of this tank? Was is an OT, a 1933 or a 1939 version? Was it modified by the Finns to meet their standards? Did the modification had and visible difference? Thankfully, I located three great walkarounds of three T-26's from the open air museum of Parola/Finland which will give me a good piece of advice.


Thank you in advance friends!


PS: By the four AFV's that I purchased, I finished this one (Chevrolet C.30A of IBG in 1/72, a quite nice kit):



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@Milan Mynar very nice build! Is it a 1/35 model obviously, yes? What colours did you use for the camo? Also, nice filter that gives the colour a unified sense.


@sardaukar There are quite many kits in 1/72, but the most common and best in detail is Mirage's ones. Indeed, many types, mods etc. Hobby Boss is 35 yes.

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