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Eagle Dynamics announces Tornado

One 48

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Now we are talking, very excited about this ... excellent news.


One of my earliest most favourite military flight simulations (apart from Falcon series) was Tornado and its Desert Storm add on pack by Digital Integration, this was a DOS only product and came on a few floppy 3.5 disks, but WOW it was deep and the manual was a door stopper book, you just don't get that any more.

But YES, very very excited about this, getting to fly a study level Tonka again, am a massive fan of this Aircraft, living beside RAF Lossiemouth and seeing them fly so many times near us was an absolute pleasure, just can not express enough how excited I am about this news ... super pleased, really am.



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I hope they do a GR.4 type too.

Amazing they are detailing the engines so well, thats akin to a state of the art 1/32 scale model in early development!! Perhaps they have some sort of ground crew maintenance module planned too?

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