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Volunteering as Co host


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The thought just struck me that I have so many proposals in the 2023 bunfight that I should get at least one through to next year ( but then again you never know)


With that in mind, would anyone like my assistance as Co host for any of the remaining 2022 GBs as I probably need to get a bit of experience in before 2023.


My main modelling areas of expertise would be Aircraft and AFVs from the beginning up to early post war. I have a reasonable knowledge of the same from post war to the modern era. I’m also well up on ancient history, space exploration and Sci Fi and Fantasy and Paeleontology.

Ships, cars ( except F1) miniatures, trains etc I know of, but for some  reason just don’t find them that interesting, so while I might know my Mallsrd from my Flying Scotsman ( thank you Thomas the Tank Engine) my knowledge of these subjects is sketchy.



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The Ju 88 FTGB has so far not had a co-host. You're in there as a builder already, care to notch up to hosting duties too? I may not be the most typical host, and far from the best tutor... but the job is there for you to grab if you like it. :cheers:


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52 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Your welcome to observe and assist in the Meteor single type

Yes please. For some reason I’m quite fond of the meteor. Perhaps it’s the whole Frank Whittle thing and the manner in which the Gloster Whittle was built as a technology demonstrator they led to the meteor not as a prototype fighter.

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