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Ukraine Su-25 in Splinter Camo

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That looks great and the simple stand and position of the aircraft work really well.


I went looking for your inspiration as that airliners.net photo is quite bright!


You've done a great job.. what paints did you use?








On 9/19/2022 at 6:32 AM, Pin said:

What scale?

I looked at the flickr gallery and it says 1/48 so I presume it's #4807.

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Thank you all for your interest! I'm more than happy to give something back to this inspiring forum.


For those who want to take a shot at the scheme, I found the most photos on the Ukrainian spotters site, like here:




You'll see that there's a wide range of shades of the colors across the photos, so there's room for your personal preference.


My receipes for this build are (all paints are Tamiya acrylics):


Light green (base pass): Light Blue XF23 - Flat Green XF5 - Light Grey XF66 - Black XF1 -> 2:1:4:1

Light Green (weathering pass): Light Blue - Flat Green - White X1 -> 8:2:8


Sand (b): Desert Yellow XF 59 - Light Grey XF66 -> 3:4

Sand (w): Desert - Light Grey - White X1 -> 6:4:5


Dark Green (b): Medium Blue XF18 - Deep Green XF26 -> 4:1 (Could have used a bit of black)

Dark Green (w): Medium Blue - Deep Green - White X1 -> 4:1:2




@exhausted It's a dilemma, right? I hope that buying Modelsvit kits can balance the Karma a bit.


@hovering As soon as I saw the Chriss Foss pattern on the rudder, I was hooked :)


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