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How do I build a 1930 Bentley Speed Six.


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I would like to convert the Heller Bentley kit  in to a Speed Six as I find the Blower rather uninteresting. It iis just as boring as the Titanic. Both have got the famous of not complete their voyage,

So what is needed to build the winning 1930 Speed Six?

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I started once but didn't reach further than this:


1926 Bentley Speed 6 data
Wheelbase    3353mm     132in
Length    4420mm     174in     
Width    1740mm     68.5in

Bentley Speed Six Works Team Car
Wheelbase    3,353 mm 132 in or 11 ft

Factory racing cars
The racing version of the Speed Six had a wheelbase of 11 feet (132 in; 3,353 mm)

UU5872 #9 1930 Blower
length    4369 mm / 172.0 in
width    1740 mm / 68.5 in
wheelbase    3302 mm / 130.0 in or 10'10"
front track    1384 mm / 54.5 in
rear track    1384 mm / 54.5 in

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I don't know much about Bentleys, so I searched on Google using terms such as "Bentley Speed 6 model conversion"; among the results that came up was this about tuning the Bentley from a 1937 motor magazine, 


Another site has a couple of Bentley photos: https://shop.memorylane.co.uk/galleries/bentley.

Another reference that appeared was for a "Classic Car Africa" May 2017 pdf download which includes an article, with photos on pages 36 to 42 about Bentleys at Le Mans in the 1920s and 1930s.

These are just the tip of the research iceberg. Hope this helps.

An issue of "Airfix Magazine Annual for Modellers" from the 1970s (I can't remember which year) contained a detailed build of their 1/12th supercharged Bentley. You might get this hardback book online or in a larger public library.

No mention yet on Google of someone else building a model of the Speed Six.

So you may be one of the first.

Also, the Internet tells me that Bentley announced in 2022 that they will be building 12 actual full-sized recreations of the Speed Six, by using two reference models (surviving cars), in addition to original blueprints and other documents.

https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/bentley-speed-six-continuation-vintage-debut/says: "Continuation models are a recent and neat phenomenon in the auto industry, where automakers will painstakingly recreate decades-old models using a blend of new and old technology for a very small number of lucky buyers. The latest model to join the what's-old-is-new-again zeitgeist is Bentley's revered pre-war race car, the Speed Six."

So one idea might be to buy one of these recreations, then scale down the measurements for your own planned conversion from the Blower.

Those recreations are expected to only cost $1.8 million each.

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