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1/32 Italeri F-104G Starfighter

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hi all,


This is the 1/32 Italeri F-104G finished in the markings of JaBoG 33.


The kit is very good but not perfect. Fit of parts was excellent in places and poor in others; some details were crisp, others not; the plastic was soft and accepted glue really well, but the nose undercarriage leg is very weak; and some areas were well detailed others not. On the whole it went together well, but i incorporated an Aires cockpit and seat (both superb), a Reskit exhaust and wheels (again superb), a Master pitot (excellent) and Peddinghaus decals (not so good).


The decals conformed well and were very strong, but they were about 15% too small and slightly inaccurate. As a consequence, i used some of the decals from an old Revell kit which perfomed well. However their falcon's legs were too big by about 20%! In the end it was a bit of a mix and match plus some help from my friend Richard who provided masks for the black bird outlines, thanks.


Hope you like it

















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57 minutes ago, NorbertBu said:

I always admire the many details you put into your model builds!

Again another beauty from your workbench! Thank you for the information about the decals.


Greetings from Germany,



I do my best 😉

21 minutes ago, Chrisj2003 said:

Very nice clean widow maker, lovely MB bang seat, and excellent yellow paintwork. :goodjob:



For me, the seat is the highlight. A lot of work putting it together, but it looks so real.



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Thank you very much. I used sanding sponges to smooth off the Mr Surfacer 1200 primer, then sprayed Hataka yellow and MRP Black. The varnish is Klear and Galleria mixed 50:50 for a semi-gloss finish



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