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1:72 Phantom FG.1 XT864 HMS Ark Royal

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this was another on-and-off project but one of my best if I do say so myself.

Without further ado, here she is:










I really enjoyed making this model in the end, there were sooooo many stencils though!

I'm definitely taking this one to Scale Scotland 2022! (If I go)

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4 hours ago, kapam said:

Looks great!

Well done!  👍👍

Can someone tell me - the nose leg extension was a Navy innovation to assist take-off lift - is that correct?

Thank you!
Yes, the nose extension was made for navy phantoms. American ones also had a similar system on their nose gear but smaller. FAA phantoms needed it because their carriers were too small for phantom CATOBAR without other assistance such as a greater angle of attack (this is why when the buccaneer is launched it lifts its nose in the air)


I hope this helped :) 

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