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Has anyone used Super-Hobby.co.uk?

Adam Poultney

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Hi all,

I've been looking for a KP 1/72 Grob Astir CS77 to build as my university's one, G-CFTR/NU. The only place I can find that has them, or at least the only place selling them in GBP, is https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Glob-Astir-CS-77.html.

They appear to be based in Poland. Never bought from them before, anyone bought from them and happy to say they're alright? Can I expect any issues related to shipping from the EU?

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@Adam Poultney Adam, I had never used them before I ordered some FOD Covers/Blanks from them on 29th August. No issues so far and they do keep you informed at all stages of the order. My order was due to arrive anytime between 7th and 26th September. It arrived in the UK 9am this morning (10th) and I expect to receive the order on Monday.



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I have bought stuff from them several times.

And while living in different countries too.

The items all arrived, always according to the same schedule and always in good condition.

They have websites (URLs, really) in all of Europe, but its all the same shop; they are just making it look as though they are local.



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Hi @Adam Poultney,


as said above, they have a lot of 'local' websites but ultimately, MojeHobby in Poland is behind it. So everything you order will be sent from Poland.

I've ordered from them multiple times through their 'Austrian' page in the last 2 years and can wholeheartedly recommend them. Shipping is fast and communication was always excellent. Buy with confidence 👍




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