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Lockheed U-2C CIA - Testors 1/48

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Hi all,

I assembled this old testor kit:



to make the famous Lockheed U-2C airplane


This single-seat, single-engine, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, was used by CIA, NASA, and USAF.
This U-2 flew the first operational mission over the USSR on 4 July 1956. Hervey Stockman was the pilot.
Still shrouded in secrecy over 35 years after its creation, the Lockheed U-2C was originally designed as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft, playing a crucial role during the tense years of the Cold War.
Built by the famous ‘Skunk Works" by Lockheed under the direction of Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson, the U-2C was truly one of the most successful intelligence- gathering aircraft ever produced.


Actually I had wanted to make the plane used by Nasa but some problems that arose with the decals, mainly due to their "oldness" and the impossibility of finding similar decals on the market, "forced" me to change my plans and make the model used by the CIA.


If you are interested about my WIP click here.


Here's the result and I hope you like it.


by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr


by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr


by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr


by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr


by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr


by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr

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