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Fuerza Aérea Argentina Gloster Meteor F.1 (what if)

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I've finished building Tamiya's 1:48 Meteor F.1 i used an Aerocalcas decal set dedicated for the Meteor F.4 and modified the numerals to make this plane as Meteor F.1 C-104.




















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38 minutes ago, Wulfman said:

Lovely looking Meteor, how about a Ta-183 in Argentine markings ?



I actually did make a Ta 183 in Argentinian colours. Academy in 1:48.





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6 hours ago, exdraken said:

Very nice!

Argentina had F4s upwards  no?

So basically just the engine (nacelle) that is different, no?

We had 100 F.4s. According to the BM collective mind, the F.4s had a different canopy, longer engine nacelles and clipped wing tips. Hopefully Airfix will release a 1:48 F.4 in the future. Would be awesome.

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