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R.A.F. P-38J Droopsnoot - 44-23517

Sky dancer

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Hi folks,


Unfortunately work commitments have kept me away from the site for quite a while, but a week off has let me get re-acquainted.


I was interested in the P-38 Pathfinder thread re-opening, and used an internet search engine to look for more Droopsnoots.


I apologise if you have already seen this, but it is new to me... The now well known picture of this aircraft has been round for a few years now, it has been widely written that it was PRU blue before being stripped back to NMF, but I never saw any photos of it in the blue scheme until now.


Here is the link to the website, the photo is at post 10 :- https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/lightning-used-as-pathfinder-aircraft-in-british-service.55051/


A few things I was not expecting:


1. AEAF stripes on the wings (these appear to me to be without the black portion, but it might just be the lighting. The port radiator housing also appears to have part of the AEAF stripes painted on it too)

2. "B" Type roundels on the boom

3. It looks to me that the nose glazing has also been painted over in PRU blue, but again this could be just the lighting...


I welcome all your thoughts and input!







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