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Question: markings of P-51C of Captain James B. McGovern aka "Earthquake McGoon"


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Hello all, 

Does anyone have information or photos of Capt. James McGovern's P-51C (or D) with the 75th Fighter Squadron in the China Burma theatre? His plane was part of the famed black lighting squadron. Thank you.


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I haven't seen any photos of him with the 75th Fighter Squadron, both the photos you have linked to your post show him with a P-51C and a P-51D of the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron - it was the Black Lightning Squadron, the 75th FS were the Tiger Sharks.


A lovely gent named Bob Bourlier sent me a list of 118th TRS airframe with serial numbers tied to codes a few years ago, but I may have lost it in a computer crash. I'm not sure if Bob was able to tie down all of the pilots to a particular airframe. I'll check and get back to you- it may take a while!


It may be worth contacting Chris at 118TRS.com, he has researched the 118th TRS for decades, this is a link to his website:  https://www.118trs.com/landing-page


Sorry I can't be more help.

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