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"The painting of Green 9" Interesting Ta152 resource...


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Hi all


I came across this site the other day - thought members might find it interesting (not sure it's been posted here before).  A fascinating and fairly in-depth analysis of the RAF's captured Ta152 and an attempt to establish its precise colours (before the RAF painted over at least some of it).  A lot of the information is probably applicable to most other late-war Luftwaffe colour schemes, not just the Ta.



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It is very good, but I was expecting to see some reference to the JAPO books on the Fw190D, covering much the same ground but greater detail.  It might be worth someone checking how the Doras were painted in the same factory as this Ta152H.  Unfortunately, only two of the three expected volumes were ever produced, so it would be a matter of luck or not if this factory was one of those included in books 1 and 2.

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