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14" 1/72 Eagle on the bench

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Latest WIP of my 14" 1/72 MPC Eagle. Paint is a basically all Tamiya acrylics. I got a set of the optional aluminum engine/VTOL bells, and while they're not exactly cheap they do kick up the realism a notch. I was planning to give the passenger pod the red stripes and make this a rescue eagle, but I think I'll do up my big 1/48 scale kit that way instead.



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That’s looking great!


If you don’t want to use the provided screws to hold the pod in place, I found some 1 mm thick magnets on eBay that will fit in the gap between the fuselage and the pod. They’re just strong enough to hold the pod in place. I ended up gluing some to the top of the pod and a couple more on top of the crossbar. Artistic license! 😀 I would have tried to hide them under the crossbar and inside the pod, but I didn’t think of using magnets until after the pod was built.



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