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RN Armed Merchant Cruisers and KM commerce raiders


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On 29/08/2022 at 10:43, leyreynolds said:

Any suggestions please for references with drawings for these two types.

The problem is the number of ships falling under these two "types". All were converted from existing merchantmen.


No two KM Hilfskreuzer were the same.



It is even worse for the British AMC. 55 conversions. Ships varing from 6,200 tons (Bulolo) to 22,600 tons (Queen of Bermuda). Armament began generally as 4 to 9x6" and 2x3" AA but then changed over time. Some began to be withdrawn for other uses from early 1941 with the last not until Spring 1944. And over that time the appearance of individual ships changed. I think the largest reasonably homogeneous group might be the 3 Canadian Princes (Prince Henry, Prince David & Prince Robert)

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30 minutes ago, Our Ned said:

For British and Commonwealth ships, try Richard Osborne et al Armed Merchant Cruisers 1878-1945 (Windsor: World Ship Society 2007) ‐ lots of information and photos, but few plans (and no detailed ones).


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