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IBG 1/35 Otter Armoured Car - Canadian GB miss


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I had started to build the Otter for the Canadian GB but, for various personal reasons, it wont be finished in time. I am moving the WIP here.


Original build thread (up to and including build finish) is here

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Matt varnish applied. Hope to get a touch of oil filtering done at the weekend then I can put the external parts on and finish .. 

















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It's a bit late to say this now, but Otters were never finished in OD.  With the possible exception of very late production in 1944-45 when it is claimed in some sources that Canada adopted US OD No9 instead of UK SCC15. But whether any finished thus made it across the Atlantic is open to debate.  Only about 60% of Otter production left Canada, the remainder being retained for training or manufactured too late to be shipped.  The factory to front line pipeline time was at least 3 months, sometimes 5 or 6 depending on convoy timings.


Initial production was finished in Khaki Green 3 but very quickly switched to SCC2 in mid-1942 and then officially (but see above) SCC15 in early 1944. In-theatre repaints in NWE of SCC2 vehicles would almost certainly have been SCC15 as that was the paint available through the supply system.  US OD was not stocked.

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Managed to get this finished in time for the end of the GB after all. Think I may have to get the APC variant (would do the ambulance as well  but that is Mirror Models so a more complex build). Annoyed with the orange peel Matt varnish but hey ho, lesson  learnt



































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