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Thunderbirds still GO


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Hi, I’m Hans (from Holland) aka Graspaps ( which stands for Grass Dad, my honorary title given by my son&friends whom I join every year to the 3-days metal festival “Graspop” in Belgium.

65, retired and, apart from a lot of other hobbies, I build miniature. Most of my work is sold and I make a lot of things for a museum like the 1/35 model of Anne Frank’s house.

I’m still a BIG Thunderbirds fan and made a lot of TB items.

You can find a lot of my “work” at https://diggelenhans.wixsite.com/hans-van-diggelen/portfolio.

At the moment I’m working on a new version of Tracy Island. Done one before but since I recently started with 3D printing this 2.0 version will be muxh more detailed. I will post pictures of the build in a few days.

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