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Blink and you'll miss it -- 1/72 Fiat G.50, Airfix 1/72

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I promised more pictures "tomorrow", but a stomach ailment kept me from really doing anything for about a week.  And then I had a trip to Seattle where I got to see Roger Waters and went to the Boeing museum. :)   I'll have to get the photos from my wife -- there was an area that had two walls of WWII models in 1/72 built by just one guy!  In the WWI section they had a similar section of 1/48 WWI models built by the same guys as the WWII models.  The information said there were over something like 1000 models in total.  WOW!


Anyway, I'm back and here are the extra photos:


First, underside weathering:




It may be hard to see, but here is some oil staining on the bottom of the cowl, which showed up on some of the close up photos of the real thing.




Another interesting feature on a lot of the G50's I have close up pictures of (Italian and Finnish) had oil stains coming from the cowl and following the slipstream.  I used a combination of Tamiya weathering pastels and my 0.2 mm pencil:




You can see that the chipping is a little out-of-control in front of the cockpit.  I didn't want to make it that heavy, but it's easy to mess up and hard to fix. :(


Here's the oil staining on the other side




Doesn't show up as well there.  Bad photo.  Sorry.


Wing root wear.  In reality, a lot of those had much more wear (not chipping) than I was able to achieve here.




My seat and seat belts




I'd forgotten to mention it, but I had to make pitot tubes since the ones that came with the kit were thick and kind of square in cross-section.




And that's it!  I plan on getting an RFI up this weekend.  In the meantime I'm going to get back to the Texan!

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