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Dull colors/shine after use polishing compound


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First post on the forum and already a question. Hopefully your are able to help. 😊


I’m building the Tamiya Ferrari 360 Modena and tried a 2K clear (Number5) for the first time. The result is spectacular! The red color is vibrant and there is a nice glossy finish. Though there are also some small particles visible and there is very light orange peel.


I’ve tried the Novus polish on a few test spoons with the same paint and 2k combination. The orange peel is less visible but the color and shine are also more dull. Like there is some haze over it.  I’ve also tried to sanding it down from 3000 all the way back to 12000 and then the Novus polish but the result is about the same.


Is there a way to get that deep colors and real shine (wet look) back?


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Which Novus are you using? You want Number 2. It’s the brown one in the red bottle. Slightly counterintuitively you use them in the order 3-2-1.


If you are using that one then, use a very slightly damp cloth, and polish it until it squeaks.





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Tried it again yesterday evening and I've found the problem. It was the microfibre cloth that was very think. I guess the Novus polish couldn't reach the clearcoat. Yesterday I tried it again with an old t-shirt and the result is much better. 

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