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Howmet TX, Le Mans 24h 1968

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The Howmet TX is regarded as the most successful attempt at implementing a turbine engine in racing, actually with outright victories to its credit in the 1968 season. At Le Mans there was however little success, but the two cars entered still left a strong memory. I built this model from the recent 1/24 scale resin kit by Profil 24. The kit needs a bit of work to come together well, partly as the two cars entered at Le Mans had quite a few differences, like different wheel bases and door /roof layouts, and some kit parts seems a bit undecided which of the cars they want to be. I choose to build chassis #GTP1, number 23 in the race, as that seemed to need the least modifications to achieve. While it did take some effort to build it, it was still an enjoyable task, not least due to the almost Sci-Fi like engine compartment. I hope you like the result. The WIP-tread with a lot more info is found here.









































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Wow.  I'm sure I'll be the first of many to comment on this beautifully executed and detailed model of a most unusual prototype.  Excellent detailing, especially the engine bay pipework and the ubiquitous Mk 1 Cortina rear lights.  Love it.

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She's a beaut Jörgen! As usual, your craftmanship turned this into a gorgeous model. I love that engine but the metal roof looks awesome as well. 

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That is another absolutely beautiful build Jörgen, simply stunning! Really interesting car too!


I somehow missed the build thread, so off for a read now!



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What a beautiful build! Bravo, you've captured the real deal perfectly! What a fine addition to the collection.


On 9/5/2022 at 6:52 AM, desert falcon said:

The soundtrack from the ‘power plant” must have been quite something to listen to 🚀 

I found this the other day - it's rather surreal hearing a jet like this!


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Wow!  Absolutely superb!

Not knowing anything about the actual racers, I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful the car looks (to me at least).

Your build is beautiful too.

I especially love the engine bay.  The whole thing proves you're a master modeler!


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