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Howdy From Austin!


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Hey folks. Seems like a lot of Texans are finding there way here, myself included. I’ve been looking for an active, engaging forum for modelers for a bit and y’all fit the bill. 


I’m coming back to the hobby after an extended break; I don’t think I’ve completed a model since 1996 or so. I attempted a return about a decade ago but didn’t have the disposable income to do it at the level I always wanted to. 


Primary areas of focus are aircraft and sci-fi, but I love the concept of dabbling and cross-training (so to speak), so you might even get an AFV out of me (does Gunpla count?).


Anyway, glad to be here and hope to show you my finished F4D Skyray here in a bit. Will be good to get one in the bag before rolling on to the already-absurd stash I’ve started. 

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