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O-2A Skymaster, U.S. Navy.(1/48) (Have your sun glasses handy....it's bright)

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Latest off the bench is the ICM O-2A Skymaster, from VFA-125 Rough Riders, Nevada, 1985.


Yet another brilliant kit from ICM. Ok not Tamiya quality but not far off. Takes a little time to get sorted due to the markings BUT it makes a change from the modern grey jets. 

Only thing that was a niggle is the undercarriage as it's legs seem to have had too many gallons of high octane and decided to splay out to the point where the fuselage bum touched the floor. (We've all been there at some point :wacko:) The answer a small length of ally rod super glued in. (To the model that is :doh:)


Hope you like something a bit different.


Please feel free to comment etc.


Thanks for looking.














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Excellent work, smashing colours! I like your idea to fix the rear landing gear, there is nothing worse than a model that wants to sit on its "donkey" after all the work carried out, great fix!:goodjob:

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Very nice Cessna.


I did this to my C172:




Carved a slot in the underside landing gear struts to take the wire and - presto!




Doesn't even look like splaying, despite the hefty lead weight in the nose to stop her sitting on her tail!

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