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Su-24 Book


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I have seen the above listed as a Future Release on the Aviation Megastore website with the provision "Now expected after the war in Ukraine" and was wondering if that might be revised as any resolution to the conflict seems to become ever more open-ended?

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This seems a very odd comment for the Aviation Megastore to make. No-one has any way to know how long the Ukranian conflict will last. Did they mean something like "... this book is now more relevant than ever"? That is the only angle that I can see this making any sense from (but I think I'm clutching at straws, here, admittedly).  



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Ah, the Su-24 book... I once talked about this book project with our contact at the Aviation Mega Store and he got a little too enthusiastic and promptly put it in the "future releases". We're planning it and have been working on it, but it will be some time before it is released. There are quite a few other titles that will be released first. I'd like to include some Ukrainian jets, but as you can imagine, it isn't the time to go there or to contact aircraft enthusiasts over there to help with some photos....


So, here are some hints for you on our next upcoming books (after the AW109 and F-104, that is):


1. A small two-engined jet 2. A big machine with canards 3. A small jet that's an export success 4. Something fast with natural materials 


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