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Another book in the Series: Lockheed F-104 Starfighter


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Our 25th in the series is a big one: a 180 page book with a complete portrait of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. A lot of research went into this book and a lot of sometimes overlooked details are included in it. This book shows many different versions of the Starfighter, from the G, J, F, S and the final version S ASA/M, which flew until 2004 with the Italian Air Force. In this book the differences with earlier models, like the A or C are pointed out. The action photos in this book are from two sources: historic collections and current airworthy Starfighters. The cover looks like this:




This photo is of the two-seat Starfighter that was brought to airworthy condition in Norway after a restoration project that took 13 years. We also take a closer look at the aircraft flying at Starfighters Aerospace in Florida. 




No detail is overlooked in this book, from the fuselage and wings to the landing gear and of course the cockpit. 






We take a look at the wider air intakes of the F-104S, the modifications for the RF-104G and modifications made by different countries.




Starfighters from many countries are included: USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, ... and differences between them are pointed out.




Of course, the cockpit is shown in great detail. 




traditionally, an extensive maintenance chapter can be found in this book showing many details that were previously hidden. Ideal for those who want to super detail their 1/72, 1/48 or 1/32 scale kits !




This book was made with a lot of passion for the spectacular jet and contains over 450 photos, all made by talented photographers with an eye for what modellers and aircraft enthusiasts look for.




We hope that this book will please the many Starfighter aficionados. We sure had a lot of fun making and writing it. It will be available from your favourite model- or book shop or from our website.




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