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The Ghost of Kyiv -ICM Mig-29

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So with the Tucano done I need another project. This one landed on my lap 

from a mate, he bought it purely for the donation to Ukrainian causes and asked me to build it.

I couldn't refuse. 


So I won't go into the contents of the box as these are all we documented on this site, its a nice kit with decent detail, a bit of flash but nothing to serious.

Going to model this one in flight with one of the Coastal Kits Blur bases but some mods need to be done on the kit as its depicted as on the ground only.


A bit of a parts cleaning session so far.  Some fettling of parts is required but considering ICM have produced and distributed this kit is quite amazing in its own right. 

Was thinking of adding a couple of AGM-88 HARMs as at the moment there is a lot of controversy on the integration of the system to ex Soviet airframes, 

I think it might add a bit of interest ? 






Just a bit of AM 









Decals will be from the kit but I do reserve the right to add a tad more AM to the build ;)



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More work going o in the pit, making the basic seat look a bit more like a K-36,

Just some plastic card and rod, nothing taxing at this point. Some arm rests 

need adding to the sides of the seat yet.


New cockpit floor added to give me more height for the seat, again just plastic card. 




Added the missing telescopic stabilisation booms to the head box of the seat. 






HUD reflector drilled out and backed with card




Back of the seat details, not that you see it ! 






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More detail added to the cockpit, control stick has gone in and some other small parts,

Re did the rudder peddles as the moulding had a sink mark on each peddle. not accurate but this 

is going to be facsimile of the Mig-29 pit rather than a full blown 100% accurate build.












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Cheers chaps,


I have the Eduard PE set coming this week for the Italeri kit, rumour has it that the ICM kit is based upon this so the PE parts should fit, its mainly for the HUD part.

I’ve also added the Master pitot to the order as the kit part is not the best. 


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Bit more done tonight, Intake time, not a bad fit so far and when I'm ready to add these to the underside 

they will only take a tad of filler to blend in with the underside. Don't forget to add the insert into the bay behind the nose gear, part B5.

Next up  will be to scratch up the retracted FOD covers with in the intake opening, these will tidy up the roof area of the intakes,

Just don't look down them !!  


Cushion added to the pilots seat, its now moulded to his back as to ensure a snug fit, more detail added to the pit. 

A couple of strakes to the back of the headrest, shown in the poor photo :whistle:















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Created new FOD guards in the retracted position, first a new false roof and then the guards,

nothing special just plastic card. The FOD guards were scribed with the hinges. 









I'll need to sort the top aux intakes soon as these will also be in the flying position so closed.




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Gear bays going in.


A bit of shimming needed as they were designed for gear down only, nose gear was a great fit but the MLG bays are a bit of a different story.

Nothing that a bit of epoxy putty won't cure! 















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New nose grafted on, its a bit longer than the kit part so I'm presuming 

the kit is a fraction too short.  Still needs a bit more work but it's almost there, real leap of faith hacking off the kit nose 

and fitting this one. 












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Intakes fitted, some Vallejo putty used on the inside edge, I think my mods have thrown them out slightly in terms of fitting.

Mr Dissolved putty used for the main join and a quick dab of Mr Surfacer around the gear bays, I'll wipe off the access with a cotton bud 

and some MLT thinners. 








Master Pitot test fitted, shape of the resin nose is much better than the kit part. 










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The main parts are now as one :thumbsup:


Cockpit is painted up and the PE IP has been hammered into place, not my best work 

and it was a real trial to get it in.  Some small seams to fill but my fuselage halves were warped slightly 

so it needed to be glued carefully and bit by bit. 


Seat has just had the first blast of Tamiya German Grey and requires more painting yet. 


Nose needs some fettling in yet as the resin part is just slightly larger than the kit nose diameter, that's next ;)


Using the old stand I made for the Airfix Sea King to set up the position for the base.


















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Not usually mooching around these parts but started reading through and looks very interesting will keep calling in for a catch up.  👍


Stay Safe


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1 hour ago, infofrog said:

Could you help me on my build missiles  color ? 

I don't see any info in the manual 




Main missile body colour is white for all the supplied missiles Rick, I would check though things like the seeker heads, they would be different. 

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