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[TAMIYA 1/72] F-51D Mustang "Taipei City" ROCAF

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Hi there,

Last one out of the production line.


Ok, yes, I've yet to add two wing tanks, and one last stencil...







I did have a lot of fun with this one, but yet I managed to make a lot of errors and had my share of bad luck, don't worry!

So, I'm not 100% happy with the result. 70% maybe?

Still, I like it, and hope you will


Weathering much too strong for this scale, to be more specific for the exhausts and the guns, antenna wire much more 1/32 than 1/72, bad fi tof the black upper antenna (Gonio?), etc...


Also, bad luck with PMA decals.

Everything went well with the stylized sun on six positions, but I had three different sets of numbers and stencils wrecked before the one that decided to stay in place! 


This specific F-51 is part of a group of aircraft that were paid by different donators, 067 (F-51067; 44-74956) being paid for by Taipei City(City name is written under the pit.


Any comments welcome, do not hesitate to tell me what you think, whatever it is.





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It's good to see a Mustang in post-war, unusual markings :)


Don't be too hard on yourself, weathering on metal colors is always tricky and once it's done, it can be really hard to un-do. I've had my share of bad luck with this as well.

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