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1/48 Corsair II, 1836 NAS, HMS Victorious, 1945.

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Hello all,


Here is my recently completed 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair, modified and marked as a Corsair II of 1836 Naval Air Squadron, flying of HMS Victorious as part of the British Pacific Fleet in early 1945. The pilot of JT410, Lt Don Sheppard, RCNVR, became the only FAA Corsair ace during the Second World War, using this particular aircraft to down three Ki43 'Oscar' and one Ki44 'Tojo' fighters.


The build thread is below:


Extras used included Eduard etch, Eduard masks, MDC Corsair II-IV conversion set, Ultracast exhausts and a mixture of Sky Models and Eduard decals. The paints are from MRP and after a lot of deliberation, I went for ANA 613 Olive Drab, FS36118 Gunship Grey and FS35622 Light Blue, over-sprayed with 'British' Sky. Weathering is a mixture of Abteilung oils, Tamiya sets and dry brushing.



















Beside my 1844 NAS Hellcat II:




I've highlighted some the of the modifications required. I've no doubt missed a few!





Thanks for looking and stay safe



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Very nicely carried out! I have a couple of Corsairs (Revell) to build yet; It was the Royal Navy that taught the US Navy how to land these on a carrier; many US Navy pilots crash landed theirs on carriers and the aircraft was not as popular for a while, until the Royal Navy found a way to land these successfully on carriers and instructed the US Navy pilots how to do it! It involved flying perpendicular to the carrier, keeping it in sight all the time as they came closer, and then they would make their turn late and land successfully on the carrier; it became a very successful aircraft in the hands of the US Navy and the USMC after that. It was because the F4U pilots couldn't see down due to the wing chords, they couldn't judge height very well.

This is looking quite splendid!:goodjob:

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