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Spitfire XIV collective hysteria - FF-B on the bench

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Ah decals, don't you love 'em?! Coming on nicely Adrian. Look forward to seeing what you make of the SEAC scheme. I should hit paint with mine today,





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I dont mind old kits at all; I have a few older ones as its all thats available to me. The only issue can be the decals, they can be really dodgy, or no use at all but thats not a big problem really because there's always aftermarket decals, and there are a huuuuge selection out there!:surprised:

I have always gone for alternative markings, the Revell P-51B I made a 4th FG example of rather than the decals in the box but I have found some decals in boxes to be totally unusable and aftermarket scene is a game saver!

I made the Wild Catfish; there is no other model of it out there (that I can find) and when I got it it was defective so I saved it for a kit bash. Many of these old kits while they can be a bit basic inside, are often brilliant for building and painting in a certain scheme, its up to the person with glue on his fingers to make 'something' of it. I do things on older kits and basic kits like opening up air intakes that were moulded closed, fitting engine exhausts where they aren't a feature on the kit in the box, drill out for machine-guns and cannon and fit a pin that can be painted, its stronger than the plastic guns supplied in the box, add antennas made of pins, again, stronger than the plastic ones in the box. All sorts of things can be done to make a kit that bit more authentic. I'm not an expert at modelling, (many of you have been making models far longer than I have and may be far better at it; I just model for me) but I do now have tons of experience! I really enjoy it and it has helped me enormously as a hobby and in certain areas of my life.:nodding:

Thats just little me.😂

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A-a-and finished! (sorta):




I’ve added a grime wash in the matt varnish, very faint exhaust streaking and black decal rectangles to represent the ejection chutes for the guns.

I should add the cockpit mirror (as provided in the kit!), a very prominent detail, but I won’t bother with the whip aerial because it doesn’t show up in photos from the same (scale) distance away.


Now, the first V-1 attack on England was 13th June and the attacks stopped in October when the launch sites were overrun. So all the aircraft involved in stopping them would have had either full D-Day stripes of at least overpainted uppers with lower stripes still showing. When I get around to the V-1 I might quietly forget that fact…


How is this ancient clunker? It needs the canopy and wing fairings fixing for sure. The length at 138mm is within an inch of Wikipedia’s 32’8”. There are lots of things slightly out of place, the cockpit detail is non-existent (but would be invisible anyway), the raised detail is, well, raised, the cowling and exhausts are crude, and the underside detail is horrible. 

So, would I build another one? Hell, yes, it’s on my bench as I type this! Definitely SEAC this time…


Thanks for all the support along the way in this mini-not-GB!





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  • AdrianMF changed the title to Spitfire XIV collective hysteria - AP-D finished
1 hour ago, Markh-75 said:

On reflection



1 hour ago, bigbadbadge said:

did you do a hairdryer shot with the prop spinning

My daughter has just been bought coffee and a cake while we were out shopping, so I will open negotiations for a bit of lung power…


28 minutes ago, AliGauld said:


Are you subliminally setting us up for the P-38 GB? I’ve already got 2 Airfix “H”s lined up with aftermarket decals…

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13 minutes ago, stevehnz said:

Nice one Adrian, this has given me cause to re-evaluate the Novo one I have in stock, you made it look such fun. ;) :D


The Novo kits are just fine! 😀I made a couple of these into great little models, both were P-51’s. Nice easy little models to assemble!

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Hi Adrian,


Excellent build and finish.


An enjoyable read and reminisce as I recover from the Blitzbuild. An old favourite of mine, I remember thinking how amazing it was after a childhood building Airfix Spitfire IXs. I have one in the stash, maybe something for the next FROG Squad?


On 8/16/2022 at 11:49 PM, AdrianMF said:

I will save all my accuracy for the Eduard Spitfire IX in the stash, which I will probably never build…


Sounds familiar...



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