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Airfix 1:72 Lynx Mk.8

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I have finally arrived home after a refreshing and very fun trip to Hungary.

Back to the workbench!

I've decided to attempt more speedbuilds and I've definitely caught a helicopter fever because this is my third helicopter in a row! (1st was Sea King, 2nd was Merlin).

Done quite a lot today considering the age of this kit (1976 tool), the fit is surprisingly good but there are a lot of gaps.


I'm aware the seats are inaccurate but the navy lynx version of the seats airfix provided were shocking so I decided to go with the normal version. Seatbelts were added later.


It never really struck me just how small the lynx is until now, quite awesome!




As I'm writing this, I'm currently filling and sanding everything.



Shouldn't take too long hopefully, school starts again on Wednesday!

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Good afternoon fellow britmodellers


Today I finished filling/sanding and painting is like 75% complete, needs touch-ups in some bits and plenty of small parts left to add.

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