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1/8 Mad Max Jim Goose's MFP Police pursuit bike

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Manufacturer: Heller and Nagano.


Aftermarket: None used.


Paints: Molotow chrome, LP-38, LP-3, Mr Color Aqueous 63 and 2K clear.


Weathering: Flory Models grey, Flory Models dark dirt wash, 502 oils and AK pigments.


Link to build thread: Work In Progress of the Mad Max Jim Goose's MFP Police pursuit bike. 


Well, here we are guys, pulling a wheelie across the Greeble / kit bash finishing line.


This is an iconic movie bike, lots of real-life replicas are around of this bike, body work and fairings are still available from Japan. In fact, the fairing is the same one that was fitted to the Toecutters Kwaka.


It's been a challenging project, but I loved the whole process, it will take pride of place in my model bike collection that's for sure.


I was not aware until well into the build that the movie bike had rear set race style rider foot pegs and feet controls, so I had to modify the kit parts, only took 30 minutes or so to knock up something that looked convincing.


I have plans to use the left-over kit parts in the future for another bike-based kit bash that's of a real-life Honda prototype from the early 70's, but that's for another day.


Thanks for all the encouragement during this build, it really helped to keep the mojo on the boil.




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