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Hoveringham Gravels Foden S21 1:50

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I wanted to build a correct model of the Hoveringham Gravels Foden S21 as the corgi model is so wrong!

a friend is producing the correct Neville body, the decals, headboard and much finer detailed mirrors for the corgi models.

the model has been stripped, rear seagull mudguards removed, new guards scratch built onto the 3D printed body, the headboard was glued to the cab and smoothed into the roof as per the real lorries then a coat of orange and red 👍

52283304170_9bc3ff4f5e_b.jpg 52283085629_115d299a74_b.jpg 52282816191_934d4bfc9c_b.jpg

mine and the original corgi attempt 😬




The original corgi on its own


the real lorry

Add Watermark_2021_08_17_10_20_56 (19)


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Excellent work on this, very well execited and looks an accurate match for the real thing judging by the pics. Only question I would have is whether or not it's a bit overloaded being filled so that it is level with the sides of the trailer at the bottom of the gravel pile? But I do like the way you have the unevenness of the gravel loading represented.


I should also say that you very nearly got a candidate for dumb question of the year here - I was about to ask why there were 5 wheels one side and 4 the other before I realised it was the spare :blush:

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