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1/100 Heller Bréguet 1050 Alizé of the Aéronavale

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This is my latest model off the production line, the French Navy's equivalent of the Fairey Gannet, the Bréguet Alizé. Another labour of love as I turned a very old and simple kit from the 1960s into a reasonable reproduction of the real thing. Along the way I had to construct out of plasticard and stretched sprue the wheel wells, a cockpit, some undercarriage doors, under-wing pylons, a new arrestor hook, and various aerials. It is all brush painted with Vallejo and Humbrol, and probably the most complex scratch building work I've done so far. Apart from its simplicity, the quality of the kit wasn't terrible, soft plastic that fit together quite well and decals that were still in one piece after 30 years. A fun build that was very rewarding.




















Thank you for looking :)

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Nice finish there on an oldie. I remember getting one of these sometime in the 60’s and thinking if you hadn’t seen the decals etc you would still know it was a French design. I recall a very basic kit and you have turned it into a wee gem there

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Impressive build and congratulations for spending so much time and energy on a kit a lot of people would not pay any attention to.

Highly commendable and the result is quite smashing.

I did build that kit as a very young modeler and this one never got painted. But I remember being very proud of it. Then I built the Heller 1/50 kit, the one with an elastic band that allowed the radar radome to be raised or lowered (I have forgotten what had to be done to play with the radome...). This one got painted in a lurid blue, and I was still proud of it!

Bottom line, the Alize is a beautiful plane!!!




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Your scratch modeling looks like it came from the box.  Great results on the kit.


What an odd scale 1/100,  never saw that one before. 

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