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PMDG 737 600 for MS FS 2020 cheap!

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Just a heads up to my Flight Sim friends here, PMDG are selling their 737-600 for the cheap price of $35 ... £32 ish I paid for mine and that's dirt cheap for quality study level modules like this. 737's from PMDG for P3D and even FSX used to go for nearly £100.

Not normally an airliner flier in Flight Sim, but this was hard to resist at this price for high quality software. Normally I'm a GA type Sim flier and love Bush flying ... but once again and at this price for known quality it was very, very hard to resist indeed.

Delighted to say ... and as my first test flight ... managed to take off from nearby RAF Lossiemouth and land at RAF ( now MOD ARMY Barack's ) Kinloss without consulting a manual and if it were were for real, we'd all have survived with perhaps only a few passenger complaints ... any landing that you can walk away from ETC :) Chose this first test flight because no sooner have you taken off and gear retracted again, you need to start bleeding off speed and lower gear for a landing, a short flight but a busy one, almost a go around! am really looking forward to much longer flights soon ... who knows, might even get into Tubeliner flying properly at last !

Seriously though, this aircraft  module reeks quality, the sounds are amazing and add to the immersion ... the futures looking good for MS FS2020 and with A2A chiming in soon, official MS Helicopter and Glider support coming soon too, its only going to get better.

But please dont take my word for it., a Written review ...



And a Video review too ...




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