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Monogram '32 Ford Roadster

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Whilst going around in circles debating what to do with the engine in the '29 RPU, I gave in to temptation and started this.   First issued in 1966 as the 'Little Deuce', a companion to the 1/8 scale 'Big Deuce':



Like the RPU, it suffered a Tom Daniel redesign in 1970, as 'Son of Ford'.  The Pontiac engine lost its six carb setup, replaced with fuel injection and, for some reason they referred to it as a Boss 302 in the instructions 🤨:



This Early Iron reissue came out in 1973, with most of the TD silliness removed.   It still has the fuel injected Pontiac, but I have a resin repop of the Little Deuce engine from Drag City castings, so I'll either use the intake from that, or scratch one like it.   The kit has been out a couple of times since; in the '80s a small block Chevy replaced the Pontiac and it was last reissued in 2011.


What's in the box...  blurb on the instructions:




Fenders and chassis are moulded as one piece, but it has a nice dropped axle, split wishbones and '39-48 Ford hydraulic brakes.








Not shown, the same horrible Good Year Rally tyres as in the other Early Iron kits.

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Simple kit, so making progress.   The plain is similar to the '30 Touring, mostly OOB, but back dating the wheels to mid '60s, going for the same kind of vibe as the one at the front here:




I'm looking at the Lil Coffin wheels, but the fronts look a bit small, especially for 1/24...  will have to dig through the parts box.  The undercarriage is about done; another time I'd have left the axles off until it's painted, but I'm not going to superdetail it, so it'll be sprayed as a unit.



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Got some paint on this today.  It's a bit darker than expected, but I can live with it, I just didn't want the same red as the '30 Touring.  Lil Coffin wheels will probably stay, but I need to find smaller front tyres.




MkI dropped headlight bar, made from 20swg wire.   Not the finished article, more a test to see if I could do it... now I need to make one with sharper bends and a bit more drop.  Making it symmetrical is the hardest part.   Yes, I know everything looks drunk here but it's only a mock up.  Nothing is glued yet, it's more or less a house of cards.






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