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ultimate modelling products primers


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Title says it all really.

Any one use these?

Any good?


Ok under laquers?


Have heard that they are rebranded Badger Stynylrez, that said have never used those either. 





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I'm a fairly long term user of Ultimate primers and I think they're great. Having said that I paint in acrylics and have no idea how they would perform under lacquers.


I have white, grey, black and gloss black. I've used the gloss black under metallic (Vallejo Metal Color) which required lots of masking and unmasking and I had no problems of the paint lifting.


Here's a little pic:



There's a review here:


and here:



Maybe someone will come along who paints in lacquers.

Good luck



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This is the only brand of primers I use, and I think they are absolutely fantastic! No issues with chipping, or paint lifting from masking tape. I use grey, black, gloss black (for metal surfaces) and rust red. Works a charm!


That said, just as @Mark Harmsworth I only use acrylics. So no idea how they perform with laquers.


Side note: I use Ulitmate Thinner as well, and I find it really, really good.


/ dunderklumpen, Sweden

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