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Chinese model companies incest?


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I know! Weird title...


I was doing some hunting for supplies for a 1/350 zara and couldn't help but notice how many of these companies have products which are exactly the same apart from just 2 letters in the serial number.


For example. Takom, snowman model, T rex and chuan yu. Who owns all of these? The trumpeter conglomerate?


I wouldn't be surprised seeing as they own Hobbyboss, flyhawk, wood hunter, kajika, shipyard works, glow2b, gallery models and monochrome. No doubt countless others.


Just how complex is this chinese family tree? Where do the likes of meng and amusing hobby fit in? So many questions from the orient!



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It's not really surprizing, some of the Czech companies can be the same way.


The CMK umbrella, for example, covers many brands:

Azur, MPM, FRROM, Planet Models, Special Hobby, Special Armour and Special Navy are all banners of CMK.



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On 8/10/2022 at 5:10 PM, Giorgio N said:

Glow2B as part of Trumpeter ? Aren't they a German distribution company ? And also Heller's owners ?

Yes, that's correct. Glow2B have some production/commercial agreements with Trumpeter whereby they get kits produced for them or rebox existing Trumpeter kits which is not uncommon in the modelling world but they are in no way owned by them. 


Duncan B

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