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MTO in 1/72 collection PART 3

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2 hours ago, Russmeister 101 said:

What a fantastic squadron you've assembled!  

All are trophy winners in their own rights... together as an ensemble... sensational!

Bravo that man! 👏

Thank you very much. this is part 3 of my MTO collection. More to come.



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12 hours ago, 112 Squadron said:

What a beautiful collection! All the Kittyhawks and the Spitfires are looking impressive! 

Thank you very much. Most Kittyhawks are Special Hobby kits, for the Spit, ther are a mixt of Eduard, Tamiya and KP.

For the decals, I had used DK decals.



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14 hours ago, Fred piket said:

Alain,  you've donea great job. It looks excellent,  and I wonder where you keep all these models..


Kudos for you!

Thank you very much.


I have 24 cases likes this. Kew loks (made in Belgium)



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