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This one finally passed the finish line this weekend!

Don't ask me how. With all the other (Domestic) stuff I had to do, I'm still surprised.

I got this one as a bit of a gluebomb from the bay for a decent price after wanting one for years.

Disassembled, cleaned up and altered a bit, I'm quite chuffed with the result.


The colour scheme and markings are not prototypical. Neither is the tail fin. But I've always felt it needs one.



Slightly blurry. Sorry. It came with just one engine, so one of them is scratchbuilt. Portholes were drilled & clearfix added.



The yellow is Tamiya lemon with a touch of clear orange. I like the patchy 'used' finish. I added the machine guns in the 'grille'.



Don't ask me how the engines (anti gravity) are supposed to work. Hey, this is Anime! Anything goes.



Today's quiz - Who forgot to unmask the wheels before taking pictures? No prizes for the correct answer.

I think those 'doors' on the engines are supposed to close, but I couldn't achieve it. Ah well.

Comments and questions are welcome. There is a build thread here..



Many thanks for looking, Pete


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you got this interesting airship (from anime). its design is cool, but i not interested in that anime, so haven't buy it.

nice color scheme.


it still have a mini single person-use airship, not paint it together?

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13 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

 I'm quite chuffed with the result.

You should be. You are a magician. This model was in deplorable condition when you started the work, now it looks great.

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Thanks for the kind words, Guys. Much appreciated.

There's something to be said for modelling on the cheap, If it goes wrong, you've not lost much.

So far these builds have come through. The nest one (and we're back with Star Wars) will begin soon.

See you soon. Pete

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Nice job indeed Pete, it really looks funky and I love the colour scheme. It would not look out of place in one of the old kids puppet shows of the 60's and 70's and I still love watching them.

At least you have noticed the masking tape before displaying it at a show, something I did with my Lancaster...🤪

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